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“Routine Lover” is a Must-listen

Good Nation has released a magnificent groundbreaking track titled “Routine Lover“. To add some spice, he enlisted the musical talents of Nigerian singer, Lojay and French R&B singer, Joé Dwèt Filé. This track was released on September 29, 2023.

The new single is a desirable classic that serves as a sequel to “Frisson Natetemeka“, his earlier track which featured Jux, Driks and Agatchu. The masterwork will undoubtedly have you bouncing on your feet and moving your body to a sensuous rhythm.

“Routine Lover” talks about the complexities of love. It reflects struggles and resilience and it is a unique blend of infectious energies. It depicts the struggles of a passionate but challenging love affair.

Good Nation is a record executive, producer, songwriter and businessman. He is a versatile artist who is proficient at what he does.

Lojay is a fast-rising Nigerian artist who brought his dynamism to the depth of this track. He delivers his signature style impeccably and his presence on the track is evidence of his significant artistic skill.

Joé Dwèt Filé is a French singer and audio engineer based in Paris. He is of Haitian descent and has been involved in music from a young age. Joé Dwèt Filé makes his mark on “Routine Lover” by effortlessly flowing over the lyrics and bringing emotions to the lyrics. His vocal abilities are refreshing and charming.

Listen to “Routine Lover” on all major streaming platforms.



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