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Federal Government Conducts Review of National Development Plan

To take a bold move towards a brighter future, the Federal Government of Nigeria is taking proactive steps to align its vision with its Renewed Hope Agenda. The Ministry of Budget and National Planning has embarked on a pivotal mid-term review of the National Development Plan 2021-2025, ensuring that their goal endeavours perfect harmony.

At the heart of this transformative endeavour is Abubakar Bagudu, the Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, who made this announcement during a compelling address at the 29th National Economic Summit held in Abuja. 

Bagudu emphasized the significance of the Renewed Hope Agenda and the eight Priority Areas set by the current Administration. These strategic elements are designed to catapult Nigeria towards its grand objectives encapsulated in the Nigeria Agenda 2050, all while pursuing double-digit growth and inclusive development.

In a statement, Bagudu stated, “The Ministry is in the process of conducting the mid-term review of the NDP 2021-2025 to fine-tune the Plan and ensure that the Renewed Hope Agenda of the current Government is incorporated into the NDP 2021-2025.”

What’s remarkable about this initiative is the Ministry’s open arms to innovation and collaboration. Stakeholders are to effectively integrate ideas at the Summit, to effectively integrate them into the National Development Plan 2021-2025. It’s a call to action that resonates with the spirit of progress and inclusivity.

Bagudu made it clear that the road to sustainable economic transformation and inclusion in Nigeria requires multifaceted strategies.

These include innovative policies, robust and efficient institutions, strategic investments in infrastructure, nurturing human capital through upskilling, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and harnessing the power of digital technology.

This mid-term review is more than just a bureaucratic process; it’s a declaration of Nigeria’s commitment to forging a brighter and more prospeoutlined in As the nation strives to meet the ambitious goals outlined in its National Development Plan, the Renewed Hope Agenda serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards economic prosperity, social inclusion, and technological advancement. The world is watching, and Nigeria’s journey towards its vision is a captivating story of ambition, innovation, and national unity.



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