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Capital Markets Can Propel Economic Momentum – ICMR

A statement that was released from the heart of Nigeria’s financial center, the Institute of Capital Market Registrars has sounded a resounding call to action. 

They declare that the salvation of the nation’s economic prosperity lies in the potent embrace of its capital market. This call was delivered with unwavering conviction by Mr. Oluseyi Owoturo, the esteemed President and Chairman of the Institute, whose wisdom echoes through the bustling streets of Lagos.

As the world wrestles with unprecedented economic shifts, Owoturo emphasized the pressing need for the effective utilization of the capital market to nurture growth and development. 

Nigeria stands on the ridge of an economic renaissance, and it is the capital market that holds the key to unlocking this rebirth.

The beacon of this transformation is set to shine bright at the Institute of Capital Market Registrars’ forthcoming 2023 annual conference, scheduled for November in Lagos. Promising to reveal the well-guarded secrets of navigating the uncertainties in Nigeria’s economic landscape, this event aspires to redefine the future. 

It seeks to showcase how innovative technology is not only reshaping but also expanding the capital markets, proclaiming a new era of financial resilience and innovation.

Among the star lineup of speakers at the conference, Ade Bajomo, the former Group Executive Director of Access Bank Plc and current President of FinTechNGR, will grace the stage as the keynote speaker. 

Bajomo’s insights are set to revolve around the conference’s theme: ‘Navigating Nigeria’s economic realities: The transformative power of technology in the capital market.’

Additionally, luminaries like Dayo Obisan, the Executive Commissioner of Operations at the Securities & Exchange Commission, and Prof. Uche Uwaleke, Director of the Institute of Capital Market Studies at Nasarawa State University, will impact their wisdom on empowering market participants and fostering innovation and resilience.

Haruna Jalo-Waziri, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CSCS Plc, will illuminate the path to subduing fintech innovation for an inclusive capital market. His vision revolves around empowering individuals through financial access and participation, thus illuminating a path toward broader prosperity.

In this extraordinary event, the annual general conference will also bear witness to the investiture of Fellows and the induction of Associates. 

As the nation unites at this conference, it embarks on a journey to recapture its economic glory, rekindling the flames of growth and prosperity. Nigeria’s destiny is intertwined with its capital market, and together, they’re poised to script a remarkable future.



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