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Mr Ibu Cries Out To Nigerians For Financial Aid

Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, cries out to Nigerians for financial aid as he lies helplessly in a hospital bed.

The veteran actor has been ill on and off for years and there is no sign of recovery after undergoing a series of treatments.He explained that he stands the risk of his leg being amputated if he does not receive adequate care.

He stated weakly, “My name is John Ikechukwu Okafor. I’ve been down for so many weeks. All I hope for is your prayers and assistance. I’ve been at the hospital and still lying in the hospital.

The medical director in this hospital said the best solution is to cut off my leg. If they cut off my leg, where will I go? What do I do from here? Please, talk to God almighty for me. I don’t want my leg to be cut off. Thank you and God bless you”.

His daughter and wife also made a video, pleading with Nigerians to help Mr Ibu through prayers and money.

His daughter solicited financial aid to fly Mr Ibu abroad for proper treatment. She stated that he has been at the best private hospital in Lagos for two weeks but there has been no improvement.

She pleaded, “We want to appeal to Nigerians to come to Daddy’s aid. For the past two weeks, Daddy has been down. I’ve been sorting out the bills thinking it was something I could do alone. We’ve been doing everything humanly possible to make sure Daddy gets better. I’m financially exhausted. Please, Nigerians, keep Daddy in your prayers.”

They want to transfer him to another hospital. We appeal to individuals and organizations to help Daddy and do whatever they can so that we can fly Daddy abroad for proper care”.

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The iconic actor celebrated his 62nd birthday in his hospital bed with his family. Ever since the announcement, well-wishers have showered him with support and prayers.



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