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Seyi Shay Bounces Back With “Feels Like Home Vol. 1” EP

Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, professionally identified as Seyi Shay, shared her new EP, “Feels Like Home“, with the world.

It has been eight years since the release of her debut album, “Seyi or Shay“, and her fans are more than ready to relish her delectable sounds once again.

The 4-track extended playlist is a fusion of Afrohouse and Amapiano genres. It screams all shades of vibrancy, versatility, and vulnerability. Seyi Shay offers her heartfelt lyrics in the soulful way possible, infecting listeners with her fluid, velvety voice and catchy hooks.

Seyi Shay released “BoBo“, which is the first track on the EP, earlier this year and it was a jingle of pleasantness in the ears of music enthusiasts.

Source: Pinterest 

She stated, “I can tell you the amount of people that said it wouldn’t work, I shouldn’t do it. Flirty, fun, sometimes edgy, sometimes wacky– I’m Seyi Shay.

“‘Feels Like Home‘ stems from this nostalgic feeling. Mixtape culture, I don’t think, has ever been a thing in Africa. The feeling I get when I listen to this project makes me feel like I’m back home. So, the theme of the project itself is Afrohouse and Amapiano. I put out these records in bite-size form over three volumes. It’s African, it’s where I’m from. This is not a comeback. This is a gift to my fans”.

Source: Instagram 
Source: Instagram 

Growing up in Tottenham, London as a girl with Nigerian roots, her family members spurred her musical career. Her mother was a chorister; her sister, a composer for the BBC and her DJ brother also encouraged her with his beats.

Seyi Shay does not conform to a particular genre or style of music, which highlights her uniqueness in the music industry.

Listen to “Feels Like Home” here.



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