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“KillaBoi” Arrested in Sierra Leone

Benjamin Best Nnanyereugo, notoriously known as KillaBoi, has been arrested in Sierra Leone. KillaBoi went viral after he publicly confessed to killing his girlfriend, Augusta Osedion, a student at Lead City University.

The mother of the deceased, Cordelia Okonye, revealed on her Instagram page, “When my daughter was murdered, it was difficult for me to come online, I couldn’t hold it in. That girl was my husband, my gist partner and everything.

“Best texted me saying ‘Mummy it was a mistake’. I felt it was a mistake and asked him to come out clean but he refused. Along the line, he offered me money for the burial but I refused. After a while, he changed the narrative saying it was self-defense.

Source: Instagram

“He started posting that I pimp my daughter to men, which I never did. He blocked me after posting all of these.

“I sent his passport photograph to all my friends and family all over the world and I told them of the tattoo he had on his body for easy identification. On October 1, 2023, my cousin in Sierra Leone hinted to me that they saw someone who looked like him. Immediately, my son along with another cousin of mine went to Sierra Leone.

“A day before they arrived in Sierra Leone, KillaBoi was declared wanted; he went into hiding. My cousin met with the police commissioner there and briefed them about the case.

“They searched the hotel where he stays but the white man there explained that he had already left. Best killed my daughter on July 13 and got a Sierra Leonean passport on July 28. He left my daughter to rot after taking her phone. To the glory of God, Benjamin was caught around 2 a.m. today. One per cent of my pain is gone knowing that he is in handcuffs”.

Benjamin Best was arrested at a nightclub he frequented in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He dubiously changed his name to Kanu Princeton Samuel and spent over $25,000 in purchasing a Sierra Leonean passport. He was declared wanted by the Lagos State Police Command on October 10, 2023.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, has confirmed that the extradition process of KillaBoi to Nigeria is in full motion.



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