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US-Based Pastor Proposes Sustainable Educational Reform in Nigeria

Pastor Chuzzy Udenwa, the spiritual leader of the Glory House World Church, has issued a call to action for both public and private stakeholders to invest in the Nigerian education sector. In an exclusive interview, he stressed that achieving high-quality education in Nigeria necessitates a collaborative effort between these sectors.

To demonstrate his commitment to this cause, Pastor Chuzzy Udenwa, in collaboration with TAF, has made a significant commitment. He has pledged to utilize his platform to provide scholarships to 15 students with disabilities across various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Pastor Chuzzy Udenwa, also known as the founder of the Glory City Campus Fellowship (GGCF), emphasized that establishing a sustainable educational sector in Nigeria hinges on collective action from the government, individuals, and corporate entities.

This insight emerged during a press briefing where GGCF and TAF Africa unveiled a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at empowering students with disabilities on campuses.

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In his remarks, Pastor Udenwa underlined that educational reforms are a shared responsibility, involving government entities, individuals, corporations, and businesses. He made a direct appeal to the business community to engage more actively with students in the educational sector, emphasizing the significant unmet needs in this area.

He also highlighted the imperative of preparing today’s students for the future, considering that those who are currently 20 years old will be 40 in the next two decades. This underscores the importance of equipping them with the skills and knowledge to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

During the press briefing, Pastor Udenwa proudly noted that approximately 15 students have already benefited from this initiative within the past year, spanning across various campuses.

Ambassador Jake Epelle, the CEO and founder of TAF Africa, echoed these sentiments during a virtual address at the press briefing. He expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative and stressed the significance of prioritizing people with disabilities (PWDs) and granting them equal opportunities to promote inclusivity within society.

Ambassador Epelle also called upon the government and corporate bodies to focus on the needs of PWDs and advocated for the media to actively contribute to giving special needs citizens a voice and integrating them into society more effectively. This comprehensive approach seeks to advance the cause of inclusive and sustainable education, a critical element of Nigeria’s progress.



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