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Nigeria Aims for $2 Billion in Coffee Industry Revenue

In the heart of Nigeria, a bold vision is brewing, and the aroma of success is in the air as key players in the country’s coffee industry cast their eyes on the $2 billion horizon. 

This ambitious target, set to be achieved within the next two to three years, is driven by a surge in global demand for the nation’s coffee, a trend that industry insiders are eager to seize.

The beans of this optimism are grounded in hard data. According to the United Nations COMTRADE database, Nigeria’s coffee, tea, mate, and spices exports totaled $38.63 million in 2021, and the industry is ready to ride this wave of potential.

Africa, often referred to as the cradle of coffee, holds a crucial role in quenching the world’s thirst for this beloved beverage, with 80 percent of coffee imports into the United States originating from the continent.

Lanre Segun, President of the West Africa Specialty Coffee Association, shared this exciting vision at the recent World Coffee and Tea Expo in Lagos, stating, “In the next 2 to 3 years, by aggregating our cultivation capacity, we aim to generate $2 billion in coffee revenue.”

Segun’s optimism is buoyed by the increasing international interest in Nigerian coffee, with countries like Japan and Canada already tasting the unique flavors. But to make this dream a reality, there’s work to be done at home.

Nigeria must awaken its passion for coffee cultivation and clear the fog of misconception. As Segun rightly points out, “Many people confuse coffee with cocoa, and some even consider coffee a byproduct of cocoa. 

Therefore, it’s essential to disseminate the right information and facilitate land access, with farmers needing proper education and machinery to unlock the full potential of this growing industry.

With the right mix of passion and determination, Nigeria’s coffee sector is poised to not just awaken the senses of its people but also tantalize international markets, brewing up a $2 billion success story in the process.



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