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Don Jazzy Gifts N8m to Two Ailing People

Don Jazzy has lent a helping hand to the sick once again. The music producer helped two people, on X, in urgent need of funds due to health reasons.

The first person, who Don Jazzy gifted two million naira, is one El Gringo on Twitter, now X. El Gringo took to his X page to rally for funds for his diabetic father to get a prosthetic leg.

He pleaded, “I’m facing a difficult situation with my dad, he’s a diabetic patient who developed a severe foot ulcer. He’s been terminally ill and after spending over 2 million on his treatment in the past 6 months, we’ve reached a critical point where his leg needs to be amputated. To provide him with a better quality of life, we need to get him a prosthetic leg.

“I’ve raised 1 million out of 3 million but we need another 2 million to complete this crucial process (the surgery and procurement of the prosthetic leg 🦵). Your support can make a significant difference in his life. Every little bit helps.

“Your kindness and support can offer hope and healing. The other hope I have of getting the funds is the sale of 3 plots of land for sale in Akure, Ondo State…”.

“…More importantly, put him in your prayers, thanks. Thank you for taking out time to read our story.”

Source: X 

Fortunately, Don Jazzy replied to his tweet with an image of a receipt of a 2 million naira payment.

The second beneficiary is Abisola Fakiyesi, a female footballer who is suffering from a ligament knee injury. She twisted her knee while playing football on November 23, 2022, and has been in severe pain since then.

“…I was told to rest it for a while, everyone thought it was a normal knee knock that needed rest. A few days later, I started feeling some bad pain in my knee. I did an X-ray, and no issue was seen on the X-ray and the doctor administered some drugs.

“I resumed in January only to realize that the club had demoted me and reduced my salary. I sent a series of messages to the chairman of the club and didn’t get any response till now…

“… The estimated cost for the treatment and surgery is about 5-6 million. I’ll be very grateful for any help and donation in whatever limit. And keep me in your prayers….”

Source: X

Don Jazzy quoted her tweet with an image of a 6 million naira payment. The footballer has been elated ever since this happened and she said she “will only listen to Mavin songs from now on”.

Netizens have been showering prayers on Don Jazzy as he made life easier for these ill people.



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