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Nigerians Urged To Prioritize Early Screening

The Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF) has urged Nigerians to prioritize regular cancer screenings as a crucial step in early detection and prevention of the disease. Dr. Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and former First Lady of Kebbi State made this call during the foundation’s annual awareness walk and fundraising campaign against cancer, labeled #WalkAwayCancer, held in Abuja.

Dr. Shinkafi-Bagudu emphasized that early detection plays a pivotal role in reducing both mortality and morbidity associated with cancer. She expressed concern about the prevailing issue of late presentation for cancer diagnosis and care in the country. In response to this, she urged Nigerians to seize the opportunity created by the federal government’s recent introduction of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. This vaccine is now available for girls between the ages of 9 to 14 and offers protection against cervical cancer.

The CEO stressed that the HPV vaccine is both safe and highly effective, and it has been successfully introduced in several African countries, including Rwanda. She urged Nigerians to dismiss unfounded rumors that link the HPV vaccine to infertility. The introduction of the vaccine is a significant step in the fight against cervical cancer, which remains a serious health concern for women.

The annual awareness walk against cancer organized by the Medicaid Cancer Foundation is in its 14th year and serves as a prominent platform for creating awareness about cancer. Dr. Shinkafi-Bagudu noted that the walk consistently attracts a substantial turnout of cancer advocates, survivors, policymakers, non-state actors, and the general Nigerian population.

The event plays a critical role in raising awareness about the importance of cancer prevention, early detection, and the significance of regular screenings. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, the foundation aims to unite efforts in the fight against cancer and encourage individuals to take proactive measures to protect their health.

The Medicaid Cancer Foundation’s annual awareness walk and fundraising campaign provides a valuable opportunity to emphasize the importance of early cancer screening and prevention. Dr. Shinkafi-Bagudu’s advocacy for the HPV vaccine for young girls is a significant step toward reducing the burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria, and her commitment to raising awareness about cancer underscores the importance of proactive healthcare measures.



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