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Two Pupils Set School Ablaze 

In a startling incident that has left the community of Isheri-Olofin in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State in shock, two minors, aged six and nine, have been apprehended by the Ogun State Police Command for allegedly setting fire to their school. The incident occurred on October 29, 2023, and was reported to the police by a concerned community chief.

According to the spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, Omolola Odutola, the two young pupils, who are residents of the Isheri Olofin community, gained access to one of the unlocked classrooms at the Community Primary School, Isheri Olofin. In a disturbing turn of events, they gathered books that had been left behind by teachers and fellow students and proceeded to set them ablaze. The result was significant damage to the school’s educational materials, with the value of the destroyed books yet to be determined.

In response to this shocking incident, the police swiftly activated their Anti-Crime and Detectives Unit, which promptly visited the scene of the crime. The two minors were brought to the police station for interrogation, where authorities sought to understand the motives and circumstances surrounding their actions.

The parents of these young children are now under scrutiny, as the police are keen to investigate the family environment and any potential influences on the children’s behavior. The involvement of minors in such a serious act has raised concerns not only about their actions but also about the broader context in which these events occurred.

While the police investigation is ongoing, there is a palpable sense of shock and disbelief within the community and beyond. Such a destructive act committed by children so young is a stark reminder of the importance of early intervention and guidance for young minds. The police have also expressed their determination to uncover any potential instigators who may have influenced these youngsters.

As the investigation progresses, the authorities will continue to keep the public informed of any developments in this deeply concerning case. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community awareness and intervention to address the issues that may have contributed to this disturbing event involving two innocent minors.



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