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FG Reopens Third Mainland Bridge After Repairs

The Federal Government reopened the Third Mainland Bridge late on a Sunday evening, just 24 hours after its temporary closure for urgent palliative work. Mrs Olukorede Kesha, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, expressed her satisfaction with the repairs carried out on the bridge and assured motorists of a smoother ride until comprehensive rehabilitation commences in January 2024.

The decision to close the bridge for a brief period was announced earlier, to repair critical portions in need of attention. The closure began at midnight on Saturday and was scheduled to last until midnight on Sunday, a move intended to alleviate the difficulties faced by motorists.

Upon conducting an on-the-spot assessment of the repairs, Mrs. Kesha confirmed that these efforts were a form of palliative work to maintain the bridge’s condition. This interval solution is designed to ensure the highway remains in a passable state until the comprehensive rehabilitation begins in January 2024.

The comprehensive rehabilitation, scheduled for January, will encompass the entire removal and replacement of the asphalt surface. Damaged ramps and expansion joints will be replaced, and the parapet walls will undergo repainting, among other major repairs. The project will be carried out in two phases, each lasting three months, and the overall rehabilitation will extend for six months.

Mrs Kesha also revealed that certain components required for the extensive rehabilitation were being imported for the emergency repairs. The aim is to give this critical infrastructure a new lease of life and a refreshed appearance, enhancing the bridge’s longevity and safety for all road users.

Road users welcomed the repairs, particularly during an off-peak period, and commended the government for these short-term repairs. They emphasized the importance of regular maintenance and proactive measures to keep the bridge in good condition.

The Third Mainland Bridge, at 11.8 kilometres, is the longest of the three bridges linking Lagos Island to the mainland. Constructed in 1990, it was once Africa’s longest bridge until the completion of the Oct. 6 Bridge in Cairo, Egypt, in 1996.

This swift response of the Federal Government to address the critical repairs on the Third Mainland Bridge is appreciated by motorists and the general public. The forthcoming comprehensive rehabilitation is set to enhance the bridge’s structural integrity and safety, benefiting the people of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. 



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