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FG Puts a Halt To Third-Party Agents In NIN Registration Process

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is revolutionizing the enrolment process for National Identification Numbers (NIN) by temporarily suspending Front-End Partners (FEPs) amidst a comprehensive revalidation exercise. 

This dynamic move aims to rectify multiple infractions and unwholesome practices that have been uncovered within the enrolment and modification procedures.

During a four-day training session for the first batch of newly revalidated FEPs in Abuja, the Director General of NIMC, Abisoye Coker-Odusote, highlighted the mission of the revalidation process. 

It seeks to enhance the enrolment process, settle outstanding debts owed to FEPs, and maintain the utmost integrity of the nation’s identity database. 

Coker-Odusote assured participants that the revalidation is neither targeted at any specific individual nor group but is a crucial step towards cleansing the system and processes within the NIN enrolment ecosystem.

As the primary providers of enrolment services nationwide, FEPs play a significant role in ensuring a seamless experience for individuals seeking NIN registration. 

Coker-Odusote emphasized the importance of maintaining transparency and trust, stating that her administration has zero tolerance for corruption. Infractions, including corrupt practices, will be duly addressed, demonstrating NIMC’s commitment to eradicating any misconduct.

The revalidation exercise encompasses multiple phases, with the suspension of NIN enrolment activities at FEP centres being the initial step. The objective is to bring compliance with the highest standards of data security and foster an environment where FEPs meet the latest standards and protocols.

Furthermore, NIMC is proactively collaborating with the Nigerian Communications Commission and security agencies to harness the power of the NIN and SIM databases for combating kidnapping activities in the country.

This collaboration will empower law enforcement agencies to effectively track down both kidnappers and victims.

Affirming the government’s stance on the importance of a unified identity system, Coker-Odusote conveyed the President’s concerns over the fragmented current system, recognizing that it results in substantial losses and financial expenditures.

The ultimate aim is to eliminate the existing challenges faced during ID enrolment, fostering a robust, inclusive, and seamless system where every citizen can obtain their ID without exclusion.

Addressing previous concerns, NIMC acknowledges the need to leverage the NIN-SIM policy to enhance national security. Efforts are underway to overcome the challenges and vulnerabilities that have hindered the effective utilization of this powerful tool.

With this groundbreaking and comprehensive revalidation exercise, NIMC is revolutionizing the landscape of identity management in Nigeria, ensuring accuracy, security, and accessibility for all citizens. 



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