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“GistLover’s Post Cost Me a Deal” – Alex Unusual

BBNaija reality star, Alex Asogwa, has recounted how the infamous faceless blogger, GistLover, cost her a deal. GistLover posted, in 2021, that Alex had allegedly had affairs with many married men including the famous comedian, Ayo Makun.

In a recent interview with @DoyinsCorner, she disclosed that the blog has written defaming posts about her.

“They wrote a story about me and my stylist, that we are lesbians and all. No matter how you see something and say this is negative publicity or positive publicity, how do you come out and defend it? If you come out once, or twice, how many times are you going to defend yourself?

“There’s this thing that Nigerians do. If an allegation has been labelled against you and you try explaining, they’ll be like ‘Who asked you?’ But when you keep quiet and don’t say anything, they’ll be like this one that this person is not saying anything, it is true.

“I had an anti-bullying event. What am I teaching kids if I can’t teach them when to speak up for themselves? Then, what am I now teaching them about anti-bullying? Because it’s not everything that they say that you just sit down and take. Even if you’re going to take it, let it be that you’ve put out the warning or you’re not even going to react.

“That particular post got to me because parents who were already anticipating my event started to send me messages that go like ‘Alex, we think you need to debunk this. This is not nice, especially for us to release our children to you to have a chat.”

She said she would not have said anything if it did not affect her work. Alex expressed that she broke down after losing the deal and the experience is not something she wished to go through again.



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