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Kwara Poly Hold on Lectures to Mourn Slain Student

Kwara State Polytechnic, in a somber turn of events, has decided to halt lectures for a period of two days to mourn the untimely demise of one of its students, Ige Joseph, from the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Department. Joseph lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident along the old Jebba Road in Ilorin last Tuesday, while en route to attend lectures. The incident also left two other students injured.

Halimah Garba, the institution’s spokesperson, revealed in a statement that the suspension of lectures serves as a gesture of sympathy towards the grieving family and a proactive measure to prevent future occurrences. Rector Abdul Mohammed has taken swift action by arranging for two luxurious buses to facilitate the transportation of students to and from the mini campus.

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Emphasizing the relocation of certain part-time students to the mini campus, the management aims to provide a more conducive learning environment and reiterated its unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of students. The rector, in a call for calm and focus, urged students to conduct themselves peacefully during their tenure at the institution and advised against any actions that may tarnish its reputation.

Assuring parents, guardians, and the public, Mohammed pledged relentless efforts to guarantee the safety of all students both within and outside the campus. Additionally, he provided updates on the health of the two other students involved in the accident, confirming their stable condition and positive response to treatment at a local hospital.

As Kwara State Polytechnic navigates this period of sorrow, the institution promises dedication to create a safe and conducive atmosphere for learning to ensure that students’ lives are protected. This underscores the uttermost significance of protecting the welfare of its student body.



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