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Qing Madi is a Blooming Sensation

Chimamanda Pearl Chukwuma, professionally known as Qing Madi, is a young multi-talented singer from Nigeria.

Qing Madi’s music genres include Afrobeats, pop, soul and R&B.

She gained wide recognition after the release of her hit single ‘See Finish’ in 2022. Her fame became deep rooted after the release of her 2023 single ‘Ole’ featuring BNXN. The song peaked at number 3 on the Nigeria Top 100 Apple Music.

‘See Finish’ made major progress primarily in TikTok and made her gain prominence in the music industry. The song is about the concept of ‘seeing finish’ – a phrase used in Nigeria to mean when someone has been disappointed or betrayed by someone they once trusted. This song explores the idea of ‘see finish’ through the lens of a relationship, with lyrics about being let down and abandoned by a lover. It is a personal and emotional song.

Ole’ featuring BNXN showcases Qing Madi’s lyrical prowess. ‘Ole’, a word which means ‘thief’ in the Yoruba language, is a cultural theme. The song made it to multiple Apple Music charts. It discusses how one wishes for the impossible. In this song, the singer desires to be with her lover but it is an imaginable aspiration. BNXN elevates the song in his typical relaxed manner.

Qing Madi released her self-titled EP on November 17, 2023, proving herself as a lyrical goddess. The seven-track EP is an exploration of home and self-identity. It is an interesting album that features a mix of upbeat and more reflective songs.

Her style of music is a unique blend of genres, including traditional African music, contemporary pop and electronic music. She combines elements of these genres in a way that feels natural, familiar and cohesive.

Qing Madi’s sound stands out in the contemporary music scene.



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