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Actor Yul Edochie Launches Online Church

In an interesting post on Tuesday, January 23, Nollywood actor Yul Edochie revealed that he will be starting an online Christian ministry.

Before the big reveal, the actor prepared his fans for what was to come with a series of anticipatory posts, asking them to count down to the ‘big reveal’. However, because of reasons unknown, he changed the reveal time from 2 pm to 4 pm.

“Mehn I get fans o. The whole world is waiting for my announcement. Thank you, guys. I’ll never take this love for granted. 4 pm sharp, it drops.”

Source: Instagram 

He finally announced that he would be launching an online ministry called True Salvation Ministry and also went ahead to add ‘God’s Child’ to his bio on Instagram. He revealed this with a flier and an accompanied caption.

‘It’s time to answer the call of God Almighty. It’s time to do his work fully. To spread the true message of God. Tune in and be transformed.”

Source: Instagram 

Yul Edochie’s reveal incited mixed reactions from online users. Partly due to a controversy about his second marriage, some social media users berated him, slamming him for joking with God’s name.

A user said, “He wanted two wives and still wanted to answer this call of grace. Chai, what happened to your queen, Yul? That your church will be made of juju kind of women.”

However, some fans went as far as praying for him in the comment sections.

A fan commented, “Father Lord, we ask for your blessing upon our pastor @yuledochie and his family as he diligently prepared sermons to glorify your holy name. Grant him wisdom, inspiration and anointing as he seeks to share your word with people on his platform. Strengthen him in the ministry and provide him with the strength and guidance he needs.”




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