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AfDB and Enugu Govt Team Up For Investment Boost!

Exciting developments are unfolding in Enugu State as the African Development Bank (AfDB) reveals its keen interest in collaborating with the local government in fueling investment and advancing infrastructural progress. 

Moreover, In a high-level meeting at the Government House, Governor Peter Mbah warmly welcomed Lamin Barrow, the Director-General of AfDB’s Nigeria Country Department, who emphasized the strategic significance of Nigeria to AfDB’s initiatives.

Approving an initial investment of approximately $18 million, AfDB enters the first phase of programs, with a particular focus on the Special Agro-Processing Zone. 

Barrow highlighted their ongoing efforts to roll out the program’s second phase, tailored to support Enugu State’s requirements. 

The program will bolster the implementation of the already-initiated SAPZ project, concentrating on key crops such as cassava and maize, where the state excels.

Moreover, Skipper Group President Jitender Sachdeva revealed their company’s collaboration with AfDB to construct the green special agro-allied industry zone, aligned with AfDB’s vision. 

This collaborative infrastructure development will enhance the ease of conducting business within the state and provide sustainable green electricity for the factories.

Overflowing with enthusiasm, Governor Mbah expressed his delight at Enugu State being chosen by AfDB and other development partners for the second phase of the Special Agro-Processing Zone initiative.

Praising the commitment of his administration in allocating significant capital to the sector, he eagerly embraces the opportunities presented by AfDB to further propel the state’s progress.

Assuring AfDB of Enugu’s preparedness, Governor Mbah confirmed that all prerequisites for the project’s commencement have been fulfilled. 

From comprehensive environmental and social impact assessments to identifying ample land specifically designated for the Special Agro-Processing Zone, Enugu State has left no stone unturned. 

Extensive feasibility studies have also been conducted, solidifying their determination to embark on this transformative journey.

With the stage set for unprecedented growth and harmonious collaboration between the AfDB, Skipper Group, and the Enugu State Government, the dreams of a thriving agricultural hub and unparalleled infrastructure in the heart of Nigeria are soon to become a tangible reality! 



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