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FG Urges Stringent Regulation of the Tobacco Industry

The fight for a smoke-free future has gained momentum as the Federal Government declares its commitment to strict regulations in the tobacco industry. 

The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate stated at the launch of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s tobacco control advocacy campaign, the nation’s legislations and global best practices were emphasised. 

The impact of tobacco is alarming in that it not only harms individuals but also negatively impacts national economies, sustainable development and the environment. 

It perpetuates poverty, especially among low-income earners who devote their hard-earned money to feed their tobacco addiction. 

The tobacco industry’s pursuit of profit knows no bounds! As the floods, the markets with new products, often skirting the law with aggressive marketing, tactics, celebrity endorsements and deceptive corporate social responsibility campaigns. They target new users to replace those transitioning to premature mortality. 

The Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission have teamed up to combat these tactics head-on.

They have taken legal action and imposed sanctions on British American Tobacco Nigeria, setting a precedent for anti-tobacco control and anti-competition practices. 

In line with international guidelines, the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the ministry commends the FCCPC’s decisive action. 

It signals that legislative measures, including criminal and civil liability with appropriate compensation, will be considered to hold the tobacco industry accountable. 

Remarkably, part of the penalty imposed on British American Tobacco Nigeria will be used to fund this vital advocacy campaign.

It’s a powerful move, converting negative consequences into positive action for change! 

The acting Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the FCCPC, Adamu Abdullahi, highlighted a sobering fact: tobacco-related health issues affect both urban and rural communities, putting the nation’s economically productive population at risk.

Without robust policies to prevent youth initiation and support existing users in quitting, tobacco could become the leading cause of premature death and disability. It’s a crisis that demands urgent attention! 

The FCCPC’s groundbreaking campaign targets all segments of society, addressing not only primary tobacco smokers but also engaging retailers as crucial allies. 

They will be empowered as agents of change,c counselling verification and responsible tobacco access. 

This is not just a warning; it’s a call to action! The FCCPC is collaborating with Civil Society Organisations to provide counselling services and assistance for individuals wanting to quit smoking. 

Toll-free lines have been established, acting as bridges to a smoke-free future and providing the necessary support. 

The battle against tobacco addiction is heating up, and the Federal Government is leading the charge for a healthier and smoke-free nation. Together, we can safeguard our future and protect our citizens from the devastating effects of tobacco. 



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