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Arrest Made in Connection with Death of UNIPORT Undergraduate 

In a tragic incident at the University of Port Harcourt in Choba, Rivers State, a sombre atmosphere engulfed the campus as the life of Eric Mudiagha, a final-year student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was cut short, allegedly due to a suspected drug overdose. The unfolding events reveal a poignant narrative of youthful camaraderie taking a devastating turn.

It was reported that Mudiagha and a fellow student were engaged in a game of football when a seemingly innocent act turned fatal. A friend allegedly introduced what appeared to be a regular cigarette, but tragically, it led to dire consequences. Both students were said to have smoked the substance, after which Mudiagha collapsed while his peer regained consciousness.

Efforts to revive Mudiagha proved futile, and he was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead. The shocking incident sent ripples through the university community, prompting an official response from the University of Port Harcourt.

Dr Sammy Kpenu, the university’s spokesperson, confirmed the unfortunate event but clarified that it occurred off-campus. He expressed the university’s inability to definitively confirm the cause of death, stating that the incident was not within the university premises. Kpenu, however, revealed that the friend who allegedly provided the substance to Mudiagha had been apprehended.

The grief-stricken parents of the deceased arrived to claim their son’s remains, adding a layer of heartache to the already distressing situation. The university community, grappling with the loss of a promising student, now faces the sobering reality of the potential dangers that lurk within seemingly routine activities.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that young individuals face, particularly in an environment that can sometimes expose them to risky behaviours. The tragedy underscores the importance of vigilance and awareness regarding substance use. 

As investigations unfold, the university community is left to grapple with the aftermath of this sorrowful episode, contemplating the fragility of life and the imperative to prioritize the well-being of its students. The arrested friend awaits further scrutiny as authorities seek to unravel the circumstances that led to the untimely demise of Eric Mudiagha. 



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