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‘I Don’t Mind That I Don’t Get Enough Flowers’ – Simi

Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, known as Simi, revealed that she doesn’t mind that she does not receive as many ‘flowers’ as she deserves.

The ‘Joromi’ crooner, in a recent interview with @teawithtaypod, discussed diverse issues ranging from women’s empowerment to her musical career. She described herself as a jovial and childish person.

When asked if she thinks she gets enough accolades, the mother of one’s reply went thus: “No, but I’m not mad about it. To what end? I get it, I understand. A lot of people don’t get their flowers and some people get more flowers than they deserve. That’s just life.

“I’m not hunger-born and I don’t think it’s personal. Would I like more? Yeah, and when I get more, I’d be grateful. In the meantime, I’m glad. I think it’s also because, for me, my value doesn’t come from outside. I’m not dependent on anyone’s approval to feel I am who I am.”

Additionally, the talented singer discussed her goal as a feminist which is to fight for women’s right to choose. She stressed that women’s choices should not be made under duress, fear or societal expectation.

“If you want to be a stay-at-home mum, let it be your choice. If you want to be the most submissive wife, let it be your choice. If you want to be a slay mama with twelve nannies, let it be your choice because I feel that is the only way freedom is genuinely plausible”, she added.

Simi also disclosed that she would be releasing an album later this year.



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