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WHO Commits to Support Workforce Development in Cross River’s College of Nursing 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced its commitment to supporting the development of a sustainable workforce for the Colleges of Nursing Sciences in Cross River State, Nigeria. Dr. Yewande Olatunji, WHO’s State Coordinator, revealed this intention during a meeting with Cross River’s Commissioner for Health, Dr. Henry Ayuk, in Calabar.

Commending the Cross River State government for its initiatives, Olatunji acknowledged the solid foundation laid in the health sector workforce through the establishment of four Colleges of Nursing Sciences and Midwifery in the state. She expressed WHO’s readiness to collaborate with Cross River to conduct a needs analysis and prioritize support for addressing Human Resource gaps in these institutions.

Commissioner Ayuk appreciated WHO for its consistent support in areas such as immunization and surveillance activities, particularly during recent health challenges like Cholera and Lassa fever outbreaks. He conveyed the commitment of Governor Bassey Otu’s administration to ongoing collaboration with relevant organizations, emphasizing the importance of such partnerships in achieving basic healthcare services in the state.

Ayuk welcomed WHO’s innovative support, emphasizing its potential impact on workforce development in the Colleges of Nursing Sciences. He highlighted that this development aligns with the broader vision of the state government to enhance comprehensive healthcare services. Furthermore, he expressed anticipation for extended collaboration, particularly in the realm of clinical training for the State College of Medicine.

The Colleges of Nursing Sciences and Midwifery, strategically located in Calabar, Itigidi (Abi Local Government Area), Obudu, and Ogoja, serve as vital institutions contributing to the healthcare infrastructure in Cross River State.

This collaborative effort between Cross River State and WHO reflects a commitment to strengthening healthcare services and addressing crucial workforce needs. The focus on needs analysis and prioritized support underscores a strategic approach toward enhancing the capabilities of healthcare institutions, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes for the state’s residents.



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