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Wike Vows to Tackle Insecurity

In a resolute stand against rising insecurity, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike has issued a stern warning to informants of kidnappers, bandits, and criminals in the territory. 

While he was speaking at the town hall security meeting in Kuje town, Wike emphasized the need for repentance among those involved in aiding criminal activities, cautioning that failure to do so might result in severe consequences at the hands of security operatives.

Wike stated, “We are going to tackle insecurity head-on. These bandits and criminals, their time is up.” He directly addressed potential informants, cautioning them that they would meet the same fate as the criminals they were aiding.

The Minister expressed his astonishment at the state of roads in Kuje Area Council and pledged to revisit pending projects to enhance infrastructure. Addressing the road infrastructure deficit. Be assured that you will see changes in this Area Council. He promised to prioritize pending road projects for swift completion, emphasizing that it is the government’s responsibility to provide essential infrastructure.

The Chairman of the Kuje Area Council, Abdullahi Suleiman Sabo, commended Wike for his timely intervention in the six area councils and urged him to persist in addressing the challenges. Sabo highlighted the pressing issue of insecurity as a social menace and expressed confidence in Wike’s commitment to enhancing security measures and undertaking vital infrastructure projects. 

Wike affirmed, “It is not that we are doing you any good, you are entitled to it. We are not doing anything extraordinary. It is our job and we will be faithful to it.” The minister’s comprehensive approach, combining a strong stance on security threats with a commitment to infrastructure development, signifies a holistic strategy to improve the overall well-being of residents in the Federal Capital Territory.



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