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Fave is Sultry and Smooth on ‘Belong To You’

Nigerian Afrobeats female singer Fave has blessed her fans with a new single titled ‘Belong To You’.

Following the wave she made with her feature on Davido’s ‘Kante’ last year, Fave is off to an incredible start this year with her brand-new single.

‘Belong To You’ is a mesmerizing song infused with Fave’s introspective lyrics. It talks about the dilemma that lovers face in the course of their relationship. The lyrics emphasize the inevitability of differences that can break the strongest of bonds. It is honest and resonates deeply with listeners.

Further, the song plunged into the realm of emotional vulnerability and realization. The singer delved into a narrative of misplaced trust and ironic attraction. The lyrics fully capture the complexity of love as Fave paints a picture of two people in love but somehow out of reach of each other. Her breathy and dreamy vocals make ‘Belong To You’ a beautiful and bittersweet song.

Comprehensively, this song is typical of Fave lyrical style – how she uses simple language to explain complex emotions.

Source: Instagram 

Fave is known widely for her smooth vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Her songs often explore the themes of self-discovery, love and heartbreak. However, she manages to infuse a tone of sensibility and vulnerability in her songs. Her sounds are unique, heartfelt and pleasurable to the ears.

The ‘Baby Riddim’ crooner is not only notable for her sounds but also for her lyrical content. Her lyrics are full of imagery and are poetic. She tends to describe heartbreak and shattered relationships in a heartbreaking but beautiful way. The most mundane experience feels meaningful and profound when Fave gives voice to it.

Listen to ‘Belong To You’ here.



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