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Avoid Taking Drugs with Fizzy Drinks

Medical experts are sounding a cautionary note for Nigerians, advising against the consumption of painkillers with carbonated drinks. These experts emphasized the potential dangers of such a combination, asserting that water stands out as the safest and medically recommended liquid for ingesting painkillers and other medications.

The experts also underscored the importance of avoiding the simultaneous intake of painkillers and alcohol due to the release of harmful metabolisms in the body. This reminder aligns with a 2017 directive from the then Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, who, after discussions with health regulatory agencies, cautioned against using carbonated drinks to take drugs.

Consultant Pharmacist Dr. Lolu Ojo emphasized that combining drugs with drinks, other than water, could impact the efficacy of the medication. He warned against pairing alcohol with painkillers or any drugs due to the potential complication of adverse effects. “The best drink that the body accepts without issues is water, and I will advise everybody to take their drugs with water,” cautioned Dr. Ojo, adding that other beverages could affect the dissolution, release, efficacy, and safety of the drug based on their nature.

Dr. Ojo, who serves as the Managing Director and CEO of Merit Healthcare Limited, advocated for healthy lifestyle habits, including regular exercise, avoiding sedentary behaviors, maintaining a balanced diet, having a light and early dinner, drinking plenty of water, getting sufficient sleep, and managing stress. He emphasized the importance of monitoring blood pressure and sugar levels while advocating for regular comprehensive health check-ups.

Another medical practitioner, Olusina Ajidahun, condemned the practice of dissolving painkillers or consuming them with fizzy drinks, emphasizing that excessive intake of painkillers, especially when combined with carbonated beverages, could potentially harm the liver and other vital organs. He highlighted the importance of understanding the pH levels of drugs and their potential interactions with the acidity or alkalinity of carbonated drinks.

While acknowledging that the combination of painkillers with carbonated drinks has not been directly linked to health problems, Ajidahun pointed out that such combinations could render the drugs less effective. He stressed the importance of adhering to recommended methods of drug consumption, as certain medications may be intended for ingestion on an empty stomach or with specific types of foods.

These medical experts underscored the significance of exercising caution when combining medications with beverages and emphasized the vital role of water as the preferred liquid for ingesting drugs. By disseminating this crucial information, they aim to promote safer medication practices and enhance public awareness regarding potential risks associated with improper drug consumption habits.



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